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Logline: Chrissy & Nath's toxic relationship hits a new low; thanks to an unusually sensitive pair of trainers

Released: 28 April 2024

Running time: 1:23 minutes

Written by: CK Goldiing

Directed by: Joe Zalias

Starring: CK Goldiing, Donna Ward


A peek into the dark menace of toxic relationships, 'Scuff Marks' is a one-minute dramatic sketch with a comedic bite. Written by award-winning creator CK Goldiing and directed by British stand-up comedian Joe Zalias, 'Scuff Marks' deliberately asks more questions than it answers — portraying neither character as the saint. Hostility, resentment, hate and disgust resides in both Chrissy & Nath.

Actor/writer CK Goldiing describes 'Scuff Marks' as "My idea of hell. I've somehow managed to avoid toxic relationships my entire life. Definitely not for me. The beauty of being an actor, though, is experiencing lives you otherwise wouldn't, and if I'm honest, playing Nath was joyous. I mean, have you seen the prick's house?"

'Scuff Marks' is the fourth shortform release from creative partners Joe Zalias and CK Goldiing; and follows the unforgettable short film 'Where's The Money?' — a dark comedy crime thriller acclaimed for its sharp wit, stunning cinematography & standout performances — 'World's Worst Robert De Niro' & 'Girl By The Door'.

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