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"CK Goldiing is brilliant. Wonderful. Intriguing. A great documentary-maker. Everyone should keep an eye on him."

- Mark Carnochan , What The Flick

"Fantastic. Inventive. Infectious. A filmmaker destined for success."

- Jakob Lewis Barnes, Jumpcut Online 

"CK Goldiing is a powerful, uplifting filmmaker."

- Benji Hollis, Documentary Weekly 

I want you to feel things.


I want you to laugh, cry, rejoice, recoil, love and smile.​

Watch one of my short films.


Watch one of my documentaries.


Can I tempt you to a social experiment?


I produce high-stakes challenges & web series, too. I have won awards. I have been profiled by the BBC. Championed by Red Bull. Featured in Huff Post. Appeared on TV. Written for the UK's biggest newspaper. Why? Because psychology, human behaviour and spontaneous human interaction fascinate me — inspiring me to produce innovative, unscripted stories that people love watching and the media enjoy discussing.

I must admit, I wasn't expecting impeccably-written acting roles like this and this to come my way, but when they did, in 2023, I put my tea down and got to work. Incredible experiences, and they're just the beginning.


In-between my energising projects, I run this creative agency. I help brands become memorable. I help them stand out.


I’m a Creator, Presenter, Writer & Filmmaker. Ultimately, I’m committed to making you feel things. Hi.

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© 2020 CK Goldiing

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