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It's nice to have you here. I'm CK - an award-wining creator, writer & filmmaker. Somewhere in-between documentary and film is a space where remarkable, real-life stories happen. In that space, human behaviour is at its most surprising, moving, inspiring and amusing. I'm unflinching in my belief that ordinary people, including you and I, are deeply watchable. The question is, can we be as watchable as celebrities? This question fascinates me, inspiring me to produce spontaneous, unscripted stories that celebrate human connection.

61 HUGS | Award-Winning Short Film

61 HUGS | Award-Winning Short Film

How would you respond if a stranger asked you for a hug? Filmed in one take, ’61 Hugs’ is a double award-winning British short film showing the remarkable power of optimism, heart and human spirit.​ A W A R D S : BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY OF 2018 BEST FREE DOCUMENTARY OF 2018 I N T E R V I E W S , F E S T I V A L S & P R E.S S : Please share this film with friends, family and of course, the universe x ================================================== ABOUT '61 HUGS': Crippled by a lifetime of overthinking, CK is a typical artist – forever worried about rejection, people’s perceptions and how things look. One day, he is challenged to leave his house, walk the busy streets, and ask sixty-one strangers for a hug. Although terrified by the inevitable rejections ahead, CK accepts, clinging to his long-standing belief that ‘overthinking is the enemy of remarkable’. Filmed in one take using actual footage from the challenge, ’61 Hugs’ demonstrates the remarkable power of optimism, heart, goodwill, human spirit, spontaneity and the universe. 61 HUGS WAS RELEASED SEPTEMBER 9, 2018 Want to watch my other documentaries & short films? I’d love that. Click below to watch: Waiting With a Killer: Out There: The Bench: FOLLOW ME: Official: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: FOLLOW 61 HUGS: Official: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: #shortfilm #shortdocumentary #shortfilms
Waiting With a Killer (Documentary) 2020

Waiting With a Killer (Documentary) 2020

A bus journey takes an unimaginable turn for two strangers when one tells the other that he killed a classmate when he was 11. Using actual footage from their journey and produced by 2 x award-winning filmmaker CK Goldiing, ‘Waiting With a Killer’ is a true life documentary that immerses you in moments of darkness like never before. DOCUMENTARY NOTES: Filmed throughout 2019, this documentary spans San Diego USA and Sheffield UK. 'Waiting With a Killer' is a true life crime documentary to some people, but to me, it is a living breathing journal, with moments of spontaneity, euphoria, darkness and relatable absurdity. Alas, that description doesn't fly in a world where neat boxes are preferred, so fine, 'Waiting With a Killer' is a true life crime documentary. Using real life footage, 'Waiting With a Killer' tells the story of Mathew - who says at the age of 11, he killed the boy that bullied him. Now in his late forties, Mathew reflects on the incident with the benefit of maturity and perspective. With a running time of 35 minutes, 'Waiting With a Killer' is a true life crime documentary that joins my stable of unscripted documentary projects: including my 7-part reality-doc series 'The Bench' & my double award-winning short film '61 Hugs', The title 'Waiting With a Killer' was one of the first that came to mind as I considered a name. Titling my projects is an element I relish - not least because I know each NEW short film, series or documentary I make share DNA with each other, so why not share equally opaque and simple titles? Thank you sincerely for watching 'Waiting With a Killer' - no one is more aware than I of how difficult it is to categorise this documentary, I mean, is it a vlog, is it a holiday journal, is it a crime documentary? What do you think? Let me know in the comments box - but personally, whatever you want to call it, I delight in producing projects that are rich in creative ambiguities. I welcome your comments, thoughts and questions, go ahead, write something below. INTERVIEWS - THE MAKING OF 'WAITING WITH A KILLER' - READ BELOW: 1: Jumpcut Online: 2: RGM Magazine: 3: Cloce-Up Culture: Want to watch my other documentaries & short films? I’d love that. Click below to watch: 61 Hugs: Out There: The Bench: Find me on social media: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Official: #filmmaking #documentary #shortdocumentary #documentarymaker #documentarymaking #filmmaker #crime #truecrime #realcrime #reallife
Out There (Documentary) 2020

Out There (Documentary) 2020

A short documentary about putting yourself out there. A short documentary for artists . Do you struggle putting yourself out there? How many talented artists do you know that hate putting themselves [and their art] out there? Scared of starting a new project. Scared of posting on social media. Scared of being seen as too 'me, me, me'. I'm friends with so many of these artists, and it breaks my heart, because their self-imposed shackles make it almost impossible for their art to be discovered, seen or enjoyed. This short documentary is my rallying cry to all shy artists. I want you to know that It is okay to be proud of your art. It is okay to actively promote your art. it is okay to be vocal, loud and shameless about your art. It is all okay. This short documentary was filmed April 2019, during my week in San Diego - where my debut short film, '61 HUGS', received its US premiere. Had I not spent 5 months passionately promoting, tweeting, shouting about '61 HUGS', I would never have been offered the incredible opportunity to screen it in the states. Getting yourself out there, promoting your art, promoting your film or promoting yourself... needn't be dull, it can be great fun, too. How? Change the way you look an putting yourself out there - make it different, make it inclusive, make it collaborative. When I knew I was going to America, I immediately started looking for inventive ways I could get myself out there during my 7-night stay. I asked myself a bunch of questions.  How do I get myself out there in a friendly, likeable way? How do I get myself out there while making people smile?  How do I get myself out there in a way that helps others, too? Do you see how these questions feel much less self-serving? Looking at getting yourself out there as a means of helping others is a powerful trick because it reduced anxiety almost immediately. As humans, we naturally love helping others, sometimes more than helping ourselves. To all artists... please be proud of yourself, your art and your talent. My hope is that you watch this short documentary and take a little step towards sharing your art more zealously. As an artist, putting yourself out there is an ongoing process, and one that actually gets easier the more you do it. It's never entirely without anxiety, I still feel nervous every day, but the more I do it, the less icky it feels. I promise. Thank you for watching my short documentary. If you relate to artistic anxiety or struggle putting yourself out there, come say "hi" on social media: Want to watch my other documentaries & short films? I’d love that. Click below to watch: 61 Hugs: Waiting With a Killer: The Bench: Find me on social media: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Official: #putyourselfoutthere #socialexperiment #filmmaking #documentary #shortdocumentary #documentarymaker #documentarymaking #filmmaker #filmmakertips #filmmakingtips
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