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Has your life ever flashed past your eyes as your £1000+ MacBook crashed down onto a hard wooden floor... from 3-feet up.... screen fully open?

Hearing the almost deafening sound of impact, I can't explain how those seconds felt. Oh, yes I can, they felt like hours!

Am I being overdramatic? I think not.

Remarkably, following my out-of-body trauma, my MacBook was fine. No breaks. No cracks. No damage. None! I immediately took to Twitter to vent my glee (social media addiction and all that). Following a few exchanges, I made this promise:

With one minor modification, I set-off to my nearest pub, ready to buy strangers a celebratory drink. My nearest pub is perfect for this - nestling in a beautiful park, it overlooks a serene lake with expansive green grass and tress as far as the eye can see. Surely its patrons will be in high spirits and open to a smiling stranger wishing you share his good fortune. You'd say, "Yes, I'll have a bottle of champagne please", right?

I approached a table in the outside beer garden - occupied by a young couple in their early twenties. They were sharing cocktails. Cute.

Click below to listen to my covert recording of the offer:

Let's call this couple Beth & Mark. Beth was lovely - forever laughing and smiling, she was absolutely open to a celebratory beverage. Mark, although overtly grateful, had a quiet scepticism about him. I caught him constantly eyeing-up my phone, which I was not-too-subtly using to grab the audio. Did he smell a rat? We'll never know, I guess. Either way, I wished them a nice afternoon and moved-onto the next table. It was here, at table No.2, that I found success.

Listen to my latest podcast for that exchange - click PLAY below - and maybe do something nice for a stranger next time you're out, it feels swell x


Banner image by: PEXELS

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