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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Seriously - how did I forget that this interview exists? I mean, considering how deliciously awkward 5:08 to 5:12 minutes is, I'm glad I remembered, especially given today's landmark. Yes, my 7-part reality docu-series The Bench is one year-old today!

Filmed across 7 winter nights - usually 11pm or later - I sat on an anonymous bench somewhere in Sheffield. In each episode, I ask passing strangers one question, inviting them to join me on the bench to explore their answers. Questions included, "Do you believe in fate?", "If you could take a pill that'd make you the most famous person on earth, would you take it?" and "What inspires you?".

Some people ignored me, others did not. Some people shared modest secrets, others shared deeply personal stories. With surprising openness, sincerity and hearty laughs along the way, once again, we see a rare side of humanity. Episode 4 definitely gives people the feels!

Having only made one-off short films & documentaries before, The Bench was my first series, and I can't tell you how proud of it I am. Creating a single visual style and structure that underpinned all 7 episodes was artistic nirvana - and best of all, it allowed me to draw inspiration from the TV shows I grew-up watching.

As a special one-year celebration, here's a previously unreleased interview with former journalist/BBC producer, Omar Aysha.

With more unseen 'extras' coming this week, click here to watch all 7 episodes of The Bench FREE.

Thank you for tweeting amazing things about series one - browse some of my favourite comments below, PLUS, scroll down to watch the official trailer and more press interviews.


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