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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Kate Ovens' Food Challenge // Giant Hotdog

In 2016, Kate Ovens told only a handful of her closest friends about her ambitions to try competitive eating. A university student at the time, she was concerned she'd face ridicule if she put herself out there as an online personality.

But news soon spread, as her 'Girl Vs Food' videos attracted attention. Soon enough, Kate's fears were realised when the teasing and banter started. Ignoring the mockery, however, Kate ploughed ahead.

It wasn't until one of her challenges caught the eye of LADBIBLE, that the tables turned. Overnight, Kate was catapulted into the spotlight, and she went viral!

Kate Ovens' Food Challenge in the Daily Mail
Kate Ovens' Food Challenge in the Daily Mail

Kate Ovens' Food Challenge in The Sun
Kate Ovens' Food Challenge in The Sun

Today, four years since first hitting the headlines, Kate works with major brands including KFC, Domino's & Guinness - creating fun online videos that sometimes require her to travel the world.

"I love what I do. I don't want people thinking I take it for granted. I appreciate everything and thank my lucky stars every single day."

So, only one question remains: Why did I invite Kate onto my podcast?

Kate Ovens Food Challenge / KFC Takeover
Kate Ovens Food Challenge / KFC Takeover

Well, having just released my short documentary 'Out There' - dedicated to all artists who feel awkward promoting themselves - I felt Kate's story was a perfect companion piece. Hit 'PLAY' below to hear us discuss fear, failure and going viral:

Interview highlights:

  • Kate on finally fixing her COVID-19 hair (2:00)

  • Kate's giant donut challenge (4:43)

  • What is Kate's least favourite challenge of all time? (7:35)

  • Why the Gavin & Stacey curry challenge was a major let down (8:24)

  • REVEALED: How you can tell if Kate isn't enjoying the food (9:50)

  • Gratitude, mindset & seizing opportunities (13:15)

  • Kate goes back to school (16:40)

  • Kate's backstory: how she was teased for making videos before going viral (18:40)

  • How people changed their tune when she went viral (21:52)

  • What Kate did the first time she went viral (24:08)

  • Why Kate thinks taking chances is important (28:35)

  • Kate on her bad luck... it's not all plain sailing! (31:37)

  • Kate on being recognised in public (33:02)

  • Kate's brush with the Met Police (36:00)

  • Brand deals & travelling with KFC (39:10)

  • Kate's TOP 3 video recommendations (41:10)


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Thank you for listening - see below for the surprise gift I sent Kate, courtesy of The Biscuit Bakery


Kate's surprise gift - courtesy of The Biscuit Bakery
Kate's surprise gift - courtesy of The Biscuit Bakery

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