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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Asked to describe what it's like photographing me, Collette Evans chose the direct approach during our recent live interview:

"You're not great. You're not the worst, but you're... 'particular', I think is the word [laughs]"

[PLEASE NOTE: She is 100% correct - I detest being photographed by humans]

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that during the promotional shoot for my 7-part reality docu-series The Bench, I obsessed over minor things like the placement of my feet, for Christ sake. Until the brilliantly gifted Collette revealed how uncommon such behaviour is, I assumed it was the norm, I mean, why wouldn't you observe a degree of conscientiousness during a photoshoot? There's a fun moment in the interview where you see the penny drop, as I recall my foot placement scrutiny!

I make no apology for being fastidious, though, because the images from our shoot were IMMENSE! in fact, of all my projects, the promotional visuals for The Bench are my favourites by a landslide. Collette nailed it, hence why I love her little baby face.

So, as we conclude my one-year celebrations (it's one year since I released The Bench), click here to watch my interview with Collette - a wonderfully talented photographer and merciless straight-talker. Watch SERIES ONE of The Bench here x


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