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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Two people having sex

Imagine the scenario: it's Thursday afternoon, 15:29. Your phone rings. You don't recognise the number. A man speaks. You don't recognise his voice. He gives you his name. You don't know anyone by that name. He asks...

"What's the one thing your best friend could do to you that you'd consider unforgivable?'

Would you answer his question? Remember, you have no idea who this guy is.

Admittedly, the minute I had the idea to ring random members of the public, ask them a life question and record their response for my podcast, although I was optimistic the idea would work, I assumed people would need a little encouragement. How wrong I was. Perhaps it's COVID-19, and people are just happy to re-engage with humanity, but everyone (and I mean everyone), responded in kind - especially a beautifully chatty woman called Boe, from Bromley, Kent.

"... ooh, that's a really deep question. Um... have sex with my boyfriend!"

Such was Boe's willingness to chat, I felt comfortable being playful. I probed further:

"But... what if your boyfriend is more compatible with your friend? Would there not be an argument for you to step aside?"

No one could ever accuse Boe of being predictable with her riposte. Listen to our entire phone call below:

In total, I rang four separate strangers and asked them the exact same question: "what's the one thing your best friend could do to you that you'd consider unforgivable?". I received four surprising, witty and blisteringly sincere responses. Listen below:


Banner image by PEXELS

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