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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Elysia Nicole Downings / gif

Struggling with financial difficulties, in 2018, Elysia Nicole Downings turned her back on a career as a professional wedding photographer and transitioned into online sex work.

Swapping her DSLR camera for a webcam, Elysia became a 'cam girl'. Signing-up to Adultwork [an adult website where, via a webcam, women stream solo teases, nudity, fetish play or engage in adult chat sessions for paying clients], Elysia was stunned when in her first week she made £700.

Elysia Nicole Downings, Cam Girl & Artist

Elysia Nicole Downings, Cam Girl & Artist

Nowadays, sometimes earning £700-a-day, Elysia is open, honest and uncompromising in her support of the online sex industry. Regularly featured in adult titles including the Daily Star, Vice and UNILAD, Elysia sees sex work as an empowering lifestyle, and one that affords her and her 7-year-old son financial security.

"[when I started]... I was so thrilled, I made enough money to pay my rent and bills in one week."

Inevitably, Elysia's lifestyle has attracted disapproval, with some people questioning her life choices.

Elysia Nicole Downings, Cam Girl & Artist
Elysia Nicole Downings // credit: instagram

Having discussed the adult industry with BBC's investigative journalist Ellie Flynn last week, inviting Elysia onto my podcast was a must. Click 'PLAY' below to hear Elysia and I explore the realities of being a 'cam girl' in 2020:

Interview highlights:

  • Wedding photos or "soulless selfies", which is best? (2:58)

  • Elysia’s & I argue about food (6:29)

  • Elysia gets all shy when I read her web bio out loud (10:00)

  • The day-to-day routine of a cam girl (17:58)

  • What customers want from a cam girl (20:25)

  • What Elysia wants from customers (23:05)

  • What Elysia does not want from customers (26:10)

  • Elysia responds to negative comments about sex work (28:12)

  • Does Elysia think she'll have future regrets? (30:52)

  • Why is sexuality taboo? (33:35)

  • Elysia’s previous life as a brilliant wedding photographer (37:12)

  • How much does Elysia earn as a cam-girl? (39:09)

  • Do former brides condemn Elysia’s work? (40:05)

  • What do family & friends think about Elysia's new life? (44:25)

  • Living in a small town when you're a cam-girl (45:20)

  • Raising a young child as a cam-girl: the look of disgust from other parents (47:50)

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