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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I've embraced social media for years. Christ, I even remember Bebo! It's impossible, when you've been online for so long, to not recognise certain names who regularly 'like' your posts, comment on your posts, champion your existence etc. Invited to chat with Dean Stead, I recognised his name instantly. Dean, a photographer, has always embraced my content, specifically via my facebook page.

In his first-ever outing as a interviewer, Dean reveals why my 2015 project '100 Musicians' inspired him to pick-up a camera and pursue photography.

(Beautiful thing to hear, thank you Dean!)

Also, referencing '61 Hugs' & 'Waiting With a Killer', Dean discusses my "raw", no-frills approach to filmmaking, and why he thinks people connect to it.

Watch our chat below.


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