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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

"Good morning everyone - we're hearing from CK today. I'm looking forward to this!"

And with Anna's warm introduction, my first attempt at remote webinar training began. I had been invited to deliver a session titled 'How To Be a More Memorable Speaker' by the nice people at BB Press.

You're probably thinking, "but you're not a 'speaker'". Correct. More on that shortly.

As I greeted the thirty-five fine faces on-screen, my high-energy was immediate. 90% of that is a true reflection of who I become in these public settings, but on this occasion, 10% of it was a mask, a necessary cloud of smoke to conceal my reckless secret. You see, I hadn't prepped my session until midnight, just a few hours earlier, and considering this was my first attempt at webinar training, you could argue 'stupidity'. I, however, prefer the argument I offered on twitter:

I confess, minutes into my prep the night before, I stumbled across a brilliant LA choreographer on instagram. Immediately, I was hooked. She's charismatic, watchable, funny. I 100% approve of Sarah 'Smac' McCreanor. I mean, look at her go:

One video soon became three, then five, then six, and into her rabbit hole I plunged.

In my previous blog post, I told you how my inner voice often gives me inaccurate information, and that evening is a perfect example. Fact is, in one capacity or another, I've presented to large numbers of people for almost twenty years, via either online TV, radio, music festivals, whatever. In that time, my ability to quickly engage hundreds, sometimes thousands of people is a knack I'm very proud of, and one I'm grateful for.

With so many years of insight to share, It seemed illogical and frankly unnecessary to embark on excessive prep for a 30-minute webinar. Why? Because in my experience, public speaking is at its most potent when not overly rehearsed. I have always performed better when I don't know, verbatim, what I'm going to say. Yet still, despite that, the argumentative voice in my head countered with, "Yes, that might be true, but how many online webinar sessions have you delivered? None, zilch. This is your first, so stop being a dick, stop watching the dancer, get off YouTube... prepare!"

Again, I must cite my previous blog post, where I discussed the ongoing battle between my gut and my head - a turbulent relationship many of you will relate to, I'm sure. Keen to condition myself to listen to my gut more, I ignored my head, settled down to watch another bunch of videos by the cool LA choreographer, then went to bed, confident that my 7 or 8 minutes of prep was sufficient.

11am, a few hours later, the seminar begins.

"Good morning everyone - we're hearing from CK today. I'm looking forward to this!"

So was I. For me, this was no longer about a 30-minute webinar, this was about a lifelong conflict between my gut and my head. I was fascinated to see which of the two would prove to be Yoda. And with that, so began the webinar (watch below)

It's now 3pm, and Dave, the company's Sales Director, calls.

"Hello, mate, it's Dave..."

We spoke for 30-minutes or so.

It turns out my session is officially the company's most watched and praised.

Isn't it interesting how, as Dave told me this, my gut was elated but my head was ominously silent? I'd usually celebrate such delicious vindication, but on this occasion, for some reason, I felt a little sleepy. So, instead, I had a nap x


Header photo: PEXELS

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