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Are you anything like me? By that, I mean are you fascinated by the way people behave?

I'm endlessly captivated by human behaviour.

For example:

Drama unsettles me.

Narcissism agitates me.

Compassion inspires me.

And, creativity delights me.

Four common human behaviours — all impacting my mood very differently! Weirdly, however, I obsess over trying to understand what makes people tick, even when they're behaving like a total dick. Do you?

In this NEW interview with former FBI behavioural expert Robin Dreeke, I reveal the 3 communication techniques I use every day — in life and in my documentaries — to make people feel instantly comfortable and valued in my presence. Jesus, I continue to be staggered by the things people reveal when they feel valued. (If you have any doubts, please acquaint yourself with episode 4 of my docu-series 'The Bench', and let's not forget my implausible roadside encounter in micro-documentary 'Waiting with a Killer')

Watch my full conversation with Robin below, then treat yourself to all other episodes in his stunning series. Honestly, the way he and his bright guests unpack the underpinnings of human behaviour is thrilling to me.

Thank you sincerely for inviting me onto your podcast, Robin — this was the most energising, rewarding, thought-provoking conversation I've had in some time.

Interview highlights:

  • How school presentations, aged 12, shaped me (03:35)

  • REVEALED: my 'I Spy' technique (09:40)

  • REVEALED: my ‘Phone call reject’ technique (13:35)

  • What inspired ’61 Hugs’ and what strange question do I still get asked about it? (21:30)

  • The beginnings of my PR agency (31:30)

  • How people & brands are held back by words (33:32)

  • How to make ANYONE feel significant and why it's worth the effort (38:02)

  • I’m an introvert!! — and here’s how I know (42:54)

  • REVEALED my ‘Squeeze The Silence’ technique (44:59)

  • Why my 3 techniques will benefit your social and professional interactions (47:27)

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