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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Unsurprisingly, my ex - who was considerably hotter than me - got attention from dudes. During our relationship, her attractive and rather successful male client would often flirt with her. Now, jealousy isn't in my DNA, so frankly, I applauded the guy's efforts. Let's not forget, my ex was hot. The first time I saw her, I tried my luck, right?

Despite my absolute trust, I remain convinced that no one can ever say, with absolute certainty, "My boyfriend/girlfriend would never cheat!"

Or can you?

As you know, last week, I introduced a new feature to my podcast. Titled 'Random Human', the features involves me punching eleven random digits into my phone and asking whoever answers a simple question about life. This week's question was, "Can you ever know, for absolute certain, that your partner would not cheat?"

After three people hung-up, dozens of voicemails and endless 'this number does not exist' messages, I quit. I'm not proud of that, but I was already having a shit week - I wasn't in the mood for a side-helping of social rejection.

Then, minutes after conceding defeat, my phone rang:

"Hello, CK speaking." I answered.

"Oh, hi! I've just had a call from you!" a woman replied.

She sounded warm. She seemed in good spirits. I was encouraged, so introduced myself and ploughed ahead with my question:

"Can you ever know, for absolute certain, that your partner would not cheat?"

With barely a seconds thought, she was unwavering in her reply...

Listen to an exert from our chat below:

Listen to the entire conversation & episode below. New episodes of my podcast every Friday morning!


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