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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Ellie Flynn, Documentary Presenter, BBC Three

Imagine the following scenario:

You desperately need somewhere to live... so you go online and start browsing the 'room for rent' ads. You then meet some landlords.

Which of these tenancy demands would concern you?

  • Must be a non-smoker

  • No pets

  • Must be in full-time employment

  • Must give me occasional blowjobs

  • Must be clean & tidy

  • £500 deposit

  • Must be okay with anal sex

  • £75 reference check fee

  • Must provide full sex once-a-week

The first time I watched Investigative Journalist Ellie Flynn's' documentary 'Rent For Sex' (BBC3), I was immediately confronted by my own lack of audacity. I mean, when I'm out with friends, I struggle to ask a woman if she'd like a drink, yet across the UK, men are posting ads online - offering women free accommodation in exchange for sexual favours.

I use the word "courage", but of course, this unsavoury trend has nothing to do with bravery, it's more a reflection of dubious moral integrity, right? Well actually, it's about breaking the law. Yes, it's illegal. According to The Sexual Offences Act:

"If someone offers you something of monetary value - i.e. a room in a house - in exchange for a sexual act, they could be prosecuted for inciting prostitution."

Ellie Flynn, Documentary Presenter, BBC Three
Ellie Flynn // credit: BBC

Ellie Flynn's catalogue of BBC documentaries have attracted well-earned praise, with NME hailing her as "BBC Three's shining star". Eye-opening, unsettling and dark themes aplenty, Ellie's investigations have revealed accusations of New York police sexually assaulting women in their custody [Abused By The Police],14 year-old girls marrying 24 year-old men [America's Child Brides], and the 22-year-old British woman earning a cool £35,000-a-month by selling naked content of herself online [Nudes4Sale].

Despite the tonal differences between Ellie's documentaries and mine, I find her stories captivating - so inviting her onto my podcast was a total no-brainer.

And here we have it... Ellie and I discussing men, abuse, money, sex, catfishing, the adult industry and her undeniably impressive wardrobe choices. Click 'PLAY' below to listen:

Interview highlights:

  • How Ellie feels about the men in her documentaries (01:57)

  • Ellie on Secrets of The Multi-Level Millionaires (4:35)

  • The truth about Ellie's wigs (12:20)

  • The making of Rent For Sex (12:55)

  • How catfishing lead Ellie into TV presenting (15:00)

  • The one scene in Rent For Sex that sticks with Ellie (21:00)

  • The making of Abused By The Police (29:05)

  • Unbelievable moments from Rent For Sex (44:00)

  • Why Ellie thinks Nudes4Sale is unlike any other film she's made (50:07)

  • What does Ellie's boyfriend think about her oversized coats? (56:07)

  • 'The Ellie Flynn Tilt'... revealed! (57:48)

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