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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

I'm an award-winning Creator, yes. I'm a skilled Marketer, sure. Unfortunately, my failings are equally as potent and widely publicised, or at least, they are if you listen to my podcast. Often, I've cited my 3 biggest shortcomings:

  • I'm terrible at goal-setting

  • My discipline needs some work

  • Overthinking plagues my every day

Everything considered, I'm the least viable person to write a book, surely? Until Saturday 26 September 2020, I thought so. Thankfully, that day was a pivotal one, since which, I've given birth to 5000 words in 5 days.

My debut book - scheduled for release September 2021 - will certainly join '61 Hugs' & '100 Musicians' as the greatest thing I've ever done.

Revealing the untold stories behind my biggest creative breakthroughs and artistic hurdles, it details everything I've learned in the last 5 years about getting my work (and my clients' brands) featured on TV, in newspapers, magazines, on radio & influential websites. Packed with brilliantly reliable PR tricks, the book is written for independent creatives who want to 'up' their public profile. Showing exactly how A-listers play the game, the book is not a theoretical 'how-to', it is entirely supported by real-life success stories. For news, updates and exclusive behind-the-scenes book treats, join my mailing list here.

Listen to today's podcast where I reveal more about the book, discuss why September 26 was so pivotal and make an ambitious prediction. Is it too ambitious, though? Click 'play' below:

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