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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Imagine being asked brilliant interview questions for an hour.... questions you relish answering, questions you've never been asked before (some of them personal).

Now imagine ending the podcast only to realise that a healthy fraction of it sounds like dog crap in a blender.

introducing David Harris' new podcast, 'Magic Talks'. Bless him, I was his first ever guest, and thanks to occasional microphone glitches, our conversation is agonisingly patchy at points. Fortunately, there are fun moments throughout to distract you from the intermittent sound blips, including; dating horror stories, people blindly following the herd on social media and the truth behind my beautiful blue eyes.

Enjoy! (if you can) (Thank you, David!)

Interview highlights:

  • Why I speak my mind on social media (1:20)

  • What I want people to take away from my projects (7:13)

  • How I survived in London for 6 months with just £100 (9:10)

  • The last chance I took was ___________? (36:00)

  • REVEALED: why I don't talk about my albinism (42:40)

  • The unusual story behind my beautiful eyes (44:30)


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