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FEEDING SHEFFIELD | Short Documentary

Updated: Dec 22, 2020


With COVID-19 impacting thousands of communities across the world, people are responding in their own unique way, including one resident of Sheffield, UK. Committed to minimising the city's food poverty - accelerated by COVID-19 - Anna Calvello was inspired to prepare home-cooked meals for those most in need. This is Anna's story.

Running time: 07:25 minutes


I was approached to make this short documentary by Sheffield business owner, Duncan Strafford. Interestingly, Duncan and I attended the same secondary school, 20+ years ago. We reconnected in 2018, when Duncan stumbled across my short film, '61 Hugs'. Since then, Duncan has been the film's biggest cheerleader, telling everyone he meets to watch it. With him being so deeply invested in the Sheffield community (he and his wife own the coffee shop featured in this documentary), he rang me - asking if I'd consider telling Anna's story.

As Sheffield is my home city, of course, I gladly contributed my support.

Join Anna's Facebook group here

Donate to Anna's campaign here

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