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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I introduced you to my friend, Grace, in this previous post - where I outlined how shocked I was to discover that she was one of the last people on earth to watch my debut short film. My dismay would soon escalate, when the following day, on facebook, someone asked whether my motive, for posting the blog, was to publicly shame her.

Concerned that others would misinterpret my signature banter as 'public shaming', I considered posting a video pleading my innocence. I quickly dismissed the idea, satisfied that, as a wise man once said, "Once you're explaining, you're losing."

Instead, I decided to ring Grace, read the comment to her over the phone, and seek her honest perspective. You see, I hadn't even told Grace I was going to publish the original blog post, let alone ask her how it made her feel. As far as I was concerned, the jovial nature of the post was obvious. I'd convinced myself that, "Gracie knows my humour, right?"

As the phone rang, I anticipated a five minute chat... ten minutes max, but my God was I wrong. An hour later, we're discussing miscommunication, social media, caring about what people think, fear of rejection, imposter syndrome, unexplored dreams, ambition and so much more. Grab a cuppa, and have a listen to our entire phone call below.

PS. Grace knew our phone call was being recorded for this post, but she had no idea why I was calling

PPS. huge apology for the audio popping throughout... I hate it, too

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