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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Did you know that if you ask Google,'What was Steven Spielberg's first hit?'', the most common answer is 'Jaws' (1975)', but if you ask, 'What was CK Goldiing's first hit?', Google politely ignores you? Seemingly, not enough humans have asked this question to warrant the tech giant's effort. To Google's credit, though, a pity answer is offered-up in the form of my 2015 high-concept challenge '100 Musicians' - with a helpful link to my Red Bull interview displayed as search result #1.

Klaxons please, because today marks 5 years since I succesfully completed '100 Musicians' - which was not only my first, but my biggest challenge to date - during which, I survived in London for 6 months with just £100!

Admittedly, this challenge didn't involve a vengeful blood-hungry shark, but it did feature heart, kindness, resilience and showed me the value of trusting my gut. Without '100 Musicians', it's questionable whether I would've had the courage to undertake all my subsequent challenges. In fact, three years later, May 2018, on the brink of talking myself out of filming '61 Hugs', I vividly remember saying to myself, "... but look what happened in 2015 when you made 100 Musicians. You had the balls then, and you can find those balls now. Do it!"

Thank you and Happy Birthday '100 Musicians' - you taught me beautiful things. Watch the short compilation film I made a couple years after - featuring personal footage from the challenge. And, click here for more on my special endurance story.


I just found this footage, filmed 11 weeks into the challenge. I can think of few better representations of my life during those 6 remarkable months.

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